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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  December 10, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EST

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monday, december 10th. -teaae coonndown to christmas- we're giving away gifts every day through chhistmas eee. eve.our lucky winners will get a channe to choose a gift from &punder the stay tunndd for your chancc to win!
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map greennpringlibertyy95map an off duty baltimore county
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police officer is ssot in overlea.investigators are victimmof a random shoottng. shooting.megan gilliland is
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&pdding at this hour... plus th searchhfoo he suspect who good morniig uys, we're told pnd rellased ffom the hospital. weeknow he's a patrrl police are not releasing his na. name.the main focus right whh shot him.investigators say it happened just after 3 &po'clcok unday morning.the officer was driving throuuh the corner of dale avenue and when he saw a large group of people.police say he stooped so he coold pass... and thha'' when a maa in the crowd pulled a gun and opened fire... hitting the off-duty offiier twice. (ááánats up full: "is the fine.."" ""hank god.""áá)(ms. ferguson/rrsident) ""t's a bit frightening cause i've been in that sittation before mysell... where i've een held up at gunpoint. so, it's frightening tt know that ven it happens with offfcers.." they believeethat the incident was random... and that the
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coming up next half hour... is responding.megan gilliland, fox45 mmrring nnws. &pppliceeneed yoor help finding tte suspeet... whh hot a man in a wheelchairá in est balttmore. the victim is 22-year-old brent nickens. onnfriday niggt... nickens wassshot several times bentalou street.friends honest person... and here's a push nowwfor someonn to comee forward... n hopes of solving a senseless crimm. "ii people decide that if they and not put up wwth it andd &pstaat reporting peoplee then pt, as long as people thing well im noo doing anything about it and they see sommbody in trruble and let it go on it's going to keep going on" oo" friendsssay they are not sure what brent was doing in the west balttmmreeneighborhood the night he was iiled... but that he had recennly ssarted hanging outttherr. authorities are looking or ttis woman... tamicia hhger...
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who was released by ámiitakeá... from the women's prison in jessuppshe's 5 fooo 5... 3-hundred pounds... and 26 years old.hager waa erving two 3--earrsentences foo &pburglary.anyoneewwth informatioo is asked to call the dallas cowboys football famill is dealing -wi andrew sppnner explains... one team member died in a horrific car crash... and another teaa crash. is charged in the 3 dallas cowbbys nose ttckle posh brent was rrleased froo jail sunday onn500-thousann dollar bond. he was arrested after a fiery car crass arly saturday that killed his ptammate jeery broww... who was a passenger in rent's car. it aapears as f he was ttaveling at a high rrte of speed,,at which time his vehicleetouched or impacted the outside curb of the purface road causing the veeicle to flip t least ooe time. irving, texas police say the caa trrveled about 900 feet after hitting he curb. they arresteddthe 24-year old breet on suspicion of intoxication manslaughter. our
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officers on scene felt as if alcohol was a ontributinn factor ii the accident. dallas cowboys head coach jason garrett says brown's death is taking an emotional toll on phe team. weelostta whole life in front of him, a real tragedy..garrrtt ays this is also a very diffiiult time for bbent as well. josh they were close in college in illinois and there was no one more excited in ourr organization when we signed jerry brown, joss was jumping guilty tooa d-u-i charge back in 2009, accooding to court recorrs in champpign, illinois. he was ggvvn a 0- day entence, fine and 200 hours of community service. i'm andrew spencer reporring. the cowboys raaliee sunday from nine points down to eat game's ffnal minntes. he - crews are still removing the
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wreckagg from crash that killed popular mexiian- american singer jenni rivera. &pphe was killed when her lear jet crashed shorrly afterr aboarddthh small aircraft in - survived. rivera had just perforree a sold-out concert the day before. rivera sold fifteen--illion ecords and the singer had five chillren. people living in the midwest are waking up under a bllnket of snow this morning. mmrning.a severe winter storm &phit parts of minnesota and of snow has already fallen on - the ground in and aound minneapoois.... with up to 14 iiches more expected to hii the area before thee ystem moves out.a record of 10- point-22inches of snow fell in the twin cities n sunday.six to eiggt inches of snow is pxpected in paats of wisconsin. officials are urrgng residents to stay home due to slick roads, and iiy conditions. sot mos 3::"'re putting
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spreaders, our salt spreaaers // gotta be aware of your -win peopll,,they try to pass us, or they try to take our center cuts... there s a lot you gotta do.... do..." the weather is national weathhr service hasse under a winter storm warniig. hundreds of same-sex couples ii washinggon state take advanttge of the state's new law... allowing hem to marry. &pmarry.seattle's city haal is nnrmally ccosed on suuday... but that wasn't the case this week..the state's first same yesterday.the washington legislature passed he same- sex marriage bill back inn just took effect this month.nd - poo: "....i dont think we ever expected in oor lifetime that thhs would happen..."mos: "i aay hhppier, its such a special day for us and foo the state and for all the other couples here and its just been rrally fabuloos to beea part of it"
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same-sex partnerssto marry, or will oon... incluuing &pmaryland. 3 sunday's loss against the redskins... keees the ravens to 20... with iiside a minute l- tt play.r-g-3 is knocked out of the game... but redskins backup quarterback kirk cousins comes in and steals the spotlight... hiiting pierre garcon from 11 yaads put.the skins then need he two point conversionnto tie it runs it in with the keeper. the game goes into the eetra period... the ravens watch what happens.rookiee richard crawford returns it 64 yards... only uuner sam koch stoppedda touchdown right
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plays... and then hand ittto raaenn 31 to 28.afterwards.. e & poach arbaugh had this to say: 33 the loss is frustrating on thhs one. ant to talk about jjee d. smith is live at panera in towson with fan players too....including why the ravens couldn'ttstoo that two point convesionn.. even thouuhhthey say, hey knew it waa coming. thaa's right guys.... let's go to thh firrt time the
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rrvens thought it was over!!! r-g-3 scrambling.. .desparately gets nailed by haloti na-ta and he's hurt... he trred to stay in the game for a few plays, then lefttin kirk cousins.... wwo executes the rest of the comeback!!!but let's talk about that two was a gutsy call by thhe -redsk reed after the game, anddhe ssys they saw ittcoming!! 3754 a backup qb making those throws.. the qb keeper we knew was coming, its crazy, &pbut we have to execute at he enn oo the day.i thhnk wee &pa killer. to cooee own here and play hard, a full game like that and lose the ay we
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did, its rougg. the frustratiig loss takes thee ravens to 9-4 on the year,,and ttere's no letting uppnow... thh enver broncos come to town next week with a 9 game winning streak and payton manning looking like payton mmnningg ray lewis is expected back for that one though guyy.. and maybe terrell suggs as well.
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3 coming up on the early edition... smoking... and drivi. driving.sims sayy: "i don'' feel we are iinuncharted uncharted territory." marijuana laws that are posing new challenges for law enforcement officers.
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3 ((traffic reporter ad libb))map greenspringlibertyshawan395map mta 3 3
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3 3 p3
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still to ome... ettthe comfort... without the calories. caloriessthe heallhy twist... of marijuana.tte tough timee.. laws in washington nn with new- pollrado. ((break 2))
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witt pot becoming legal for and washington... thh new move poses a challenge inndrafting the rules behind toking-and- peaunesse akes a ook at how much is too much... drrving while high. high. p nationally 23 pprcent of those killed in auto acciddnts have some drug ther than alcohol in their system.. pot willlonly make thhngs worsee now, pot advocates say that's not true that smokers drive. well, washington statee taking noo hances imposing a strict limit on the amount of system. nats: "want to know r why i pulled you ovvr? littering and smoking the reefer." driving while high. while illeeal, research in europe show too much ii onn
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and judgment eccles says: "one of the first and most importaat is an inabilityyor peduced abillty to divide ones attention." marijuana less debilitating than aacoholl yet a new canndian studd says thoseewho driie withinn33hours of smmking pot crash eccles says: "anooher under iifluence of marijuana is a reduced ability to too much ?sims says: "i don't feel we are in unchartered territory, i know we are in unccartered territory." 12 states have a 'zero' toleraace level for pott in waahington state, where limit is 5 nanograms per blood sample - an impairment level some argue s roughly equal po alcohol. sims says: "because we are early on in difficuut tt tell if that 5 nanogram level will change, similar tt hhw dui standards ha problem is, heavy usees,
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though not impaired, can ttst positive weeks after smoking. áhowááyou moke iitaffects peoppe difffrently - so even exxerts don't know ááow muchá pot causes impairment eccles says: "for anyone to saa 2 hits or dosages would get me to 5 nanograms - it is nearly impossible to make that is the compouud in pot that mmkes you high. thc is stored in fat so heavy users can test positive weeks fter smokinn which is why coloradd defeated alcohol,,ww started at 1155ann 3 cameedown with pot advocatee nanograms tt reach impairment. in los angeles, william la eenes foxxnews. &psttaight ahead... familiir foods... that may not be very to make healthier veesions... of your ffvorite comfort foods. ((break 3))
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as the temperature ddops... many people turn to simple, familiaa fooos that rrmind &pthem of childhood. sounds good, right? as elizabeth cohen exxlainss.. the problem is that maay of these so- called comfort ffods are highh in calories or fat. 3 ii'ssthaa time of year. as tte wwather getsscolder, we may rrach for food as comfort like spaghettt and meatballs, macaroni n' cheese and past. comfort oods are moree about the heart than they are about hunger. registered dietitian marisa moore says in fat, callries or sooium. eating too much of them can lead to weiiht gain, diabetes offers these tiis to make your own healthy comfort foods, &pstuddnts. the idda also is to &pnutritional profile so it feeds all offthe senses as well as the body. for maa n'
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lowee-fat milk, that will help to cct back on the calories. it. for spaghetti and meatballs: instead of uuing beee, you mighttuse a lean ground turkey. you might and use a spaghettt squash, which is a winter squash. whenn this. moore sayy this makes e chili: eart-healthy chili is actually very easy to make. ooe thing to do is sort of volumize with vegetables -- you can adddbeans, you can add are great ways to innrease the fiber. for toddy's health minute, i'm elizabeth cohen. poming up... an ff-duty... baltimore couuty officer is sho. shot.his condition at this hourrand the searrh for the gunman... straight ahead.
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